General Information

Who are we?

The Gilde Leiden foundation enables the active older generation to remain socially involved. Gilde Leiden organizes different thematic walking tours as well as a tour with a combined lunch or museum arrangement. The members of Gilde Leiden who conduct these tours, are all knowledgeable city guides.


We, the voluntary guides of the foundation, have a broad historical interest concentrated specifically on Leiden and we want to provide our guests with an interesting and enjoyable walking tour.

We  can recount the ‘tales of the city’ and its history enthusiastically and can do so in English, French or German.


Thematic walking tours for groups:
A wide and varied choice of thematic tours is available.

Combined Arrangements:
These are walking tours which have been extended with a lunch or a visit to a museum

In 2017 we do not have tours on the following days:
Tuesday 3 October (Leiden festival)
Sunday 24, Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 December (Christmas)
Sunday 31 December


Gilde Leiden City Tour Stadswandeling Hofjeswandeling
Click on this map to enlarge
For a guided city tour in a foreign language the coordinator will discuss a meeting point with the organizing guest.
See map (and below) for parking places and a lay-out of the town:
If you come by train it is only 3 minutes’ walking distance to the Tourist Information Centre where you can get a map.

The largest Parking Place in Leiden is situated at the Haagweg (see map)